Joseph Erb 
Joseph Lewis Erb is a computer animator, film producer, educator, language technologist and artist enrolled in the Cherokee Nation. He earned his MFA degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Erb created the first Cherokee animation in the Cherokee language, “The Beginning They Told”.  He used his artistic skills to teach Muscogee Creek and Cherokee students how to animate traditional stories. Most of this work is created in the Cherokee language. He has spent many years working on projects that will expand the use of Cherokee language in technology and the Arts.  Erb teaches at University of Missouri in Digital Storytelling. 

Detail of "Water is our first Medicine" animated film

  1. Frog and the Moon
    Frog and the Moon
  2. De - Friending Thunder
    De - Friending Thunder
    Painting 3' x 4'
  3. Warrior
    Copper Necklace
  4. Cherokee Award winning dress
    Cherokee Award winning dress
    Cherokee Heritage Center best textile 2015
  5. 360 animation
    360 animation
    Traditional Cherokee story animated for a Planetarium
My name is Joseph Erb.
Joseph Erb is using advanced technologies to push forward storytelling in the Cherokee Language.  He has spent years working on projects that help to advance the direction and place Cherokee stories are told.